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Hiroaki Yamakage

full nameHiroaki Yamakage
nationalityJapan (JPN)
local spelling山影 博明
born October 1974in Shihoro, Hokkaidō (Japan)

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World Cup - Top 10 positions

500 meters0003519
1000 meters000002

World Cup - All results

1996-97A67 Dec 1996500 metersJeonjuKOR
A128 Dec 1996500 metersJeonjuKOR
A614 Dec 1996500 metersIkahoJPN
B414 Dec 19961000 metersIkahoJPN
B215 Dec 19961000 metersIkahoJPN
A123 Jan 1997500 metersCalgaryCAN
A64 Jan 1997500 metersCalgaryCAN
A1311 Jan 1997500 metersMilwaukeeUSA
A1312 Jan 1997500 metersMilwaukeeUSA
A822 Feb 1997500 metersInnsbruckAUT
A723 Feb 1997500 metersInnsbruckAUT
A928 Feb 1997500 metersInzellGER
A71 Mar 1997500 metersInzellGER
1997-98A1013 Jan 1998500 metersBaselga di PinèITA
A1214 Jan 1998500 metersBaselga di PinèITA
1999-00A2027 Nov 1999500 metersBerlinNED
A1228 Nov 1999500 metersBerlinNED
A194 Dec 1999500 metersWarsawPOL
A165 Dec 1999500 metersWarsawPOL
A1211 Dec 1999500 metersInnsbruckAUT
A1212 Dec 1999500 metersInnsbruckAUT