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Armin Hager

full nameArmin Hager
nationalityAustria (AUT)
born September 1994in Innsbruck (Austria)

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World Cup - Top 10 positions

500 meters0000010
1000 meters0000017
1500 meters0000010
Mass start0001223
total individual0001260
Team pursuit000115

World Cup - All results

2012-13B910 Feb 2013Mass startInzellGER
2013-14B309 Nov 20131000 metersCalgaryCAN
139 Nov 2013Team pursuitCalgaryCAN
B237 Dec 20131000 metersBerlinGER
127 Dec 2013Team pursuitBerlinGER
2014-15B2114 Nov 2014500 metersObihiroJPN
B1315 Nov 20141000 metersObihiroJPN
615 Nov 2014Team pursuitObihiroJPN
1616 Nov 2014Mass startObihiroJPN
B2121 Nov 2014500 metersSeoulKOR
B622 Nov 20141000 metersSeoulKOR
75 Dec 2014Team pursuitBerlinGER
B276 Dec 20141000 metersBerlinGER
B127 Dec 20141500 metersBerlinGER
287 Dec 2014Mass startBerlinGER
B3312 Dec 2014500 metersHeerenveenNED
B1213 Dec 20141000 metersHeerenveenNED
B1114 Dec 20141500 metersHeerenveenNED
2214 Dec 2014Mass startHeerenveenNED
B111 Feb 20151500 metersHamarNOR
51 Feb 2015Mass startHamarNOR
B297 Feb 2015500 metersHeerenveenNED
B157 Feb 20151000 metersHeerenveenNED
B258 Feb 2015500 metersHeerenveenNED
B138 Feb 20151000 metersHeerenveenNED
A722 Mar 2015Mass startErfurtGER
2015-16B3614 Nov 20151000 metersCalgaryCAN
A1515 Nov 2015Mass startCalgaryCAN
B2820 Nov 20151500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
A2222 Nov 2015Mass startSalt Lake CityUSA
114 Dec 2015Team pursuitInzellGER
A166 Dec 2015Mass startInzellGER
A2113 Dec 2015Mass startHeerenveenNED
B3829 Jan 2016500 metersStavangerNOR
B3729 Jan 20161500 metersStavangerNOR
B4130 Jan 20161000 metersStavangerNOR
B3531 Jan 2016500 metersStavangerNOR
B3831 Jan 20161000 metersStavangerNOR
713 Mar 2016Mass startHeerenveenNED
2016-17B3012 Nov 2016500 metersHarbinCHN
B3212 Nov 20161000 metersHarbinCHN
SF1912 Nov 2016Mass startHarbinCHN
B2613 Nov 2016500 metersHarbinCHN
B3019 Nov 20161000 metersNaganoJPN
B2620 Nov 2016500 metersNaganoJPN
B283 Dec 20161000 metersAstanaKAZ
SF1134 Dec 2016Mass startAstanaKAZ
SF2109 Dec 2016Mass startHeerenveenNED
B3111 Dec 20161000 metersHeerenveenNED
B3827 Jan 20171500 metersBerlinGER
B3328 Jan 20171000 metersBerlinGER
B3329 Jan 20171000 metersBerlinGER
2017-18SF21310 Nov 2017Mass startHeerenveenNED
B2911 Nov 20171500 metersHeerenveenNED
SF122 Dec 2017Mass startCalgaryCAN
163 Dec 2017Mass startCalgaryCAN
SF1138 Dec 2017Mass startSalt Lake CityUSA
B369 Dec 20171500 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
BDNS10 Dec 20171000 metersSalt Lake CityUSA
2018-19SF21417 Nov 2018Mass startObihiroJPN
SF21523 Nov 2018Mass startTomakomaiJPN
B2324 Nov 20181500 metersTomakomaiJPN
SF21314 Dec 2018Mass startHeerenveenNED
B193 Feb 20191500 metersHamarNOR
2019-20SF11216 Nov 2019Mass startMinskBLR
SF11723 Nov 2019Mass startTomaszów MazowieckiPOL